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Laurel Highlands Crematory

Our family thanks Bill Harris and his staff for their compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail in dealing with the complexities of handling all the arrangements when my mother, Marjorie Hetrick, passed away recently. She resided out of state and Bill offered to take care of everything necessary to bring her home to Johnstown. He put my mind completely at ease during an especially difficult and emotional time. Harris Funeral Home has handled the final arrangements for many other family members over the years and we knew we could rely on him once again.
Barbara and Bill Spence

Barbara Hetrick Spence
August 26, 2017

Cannot thank Bill enough for the compassion & professionalism he showed our family. Our Mom was such an important part of our family and he has been such a blessing to us. With such a crushing loss, Bill & his staff showed us the utmost respect through the entire process. The Harris Family has handled the arrangements for both our parents and we are so thankful that we relied on them to help us through this journey. May God bless you all!!!

Stan Niton
July 19, 2017

We wish to highly commend Bill Harris and his staff on their efficient, professional, and compassionate handling of our mother's funeral. Bill made the planning process entirely seamless for the family. The funeral home and visitor receiving rooms are comfortable and graciously appointed. It was a great relief to be able to have all the details be taken care of so that we could concentrate on our guests.

Bill is a true professional. He is caring and dignified while at the same time extremely detail oriented. Most importantly, he makes an otherwise difficult experience much easier for the family and friends of the deceased.

Mark and Laura Malzi
June 1, 2016

To Bill and all the staff at Harris Funeral Home: We would like to thank you for all the support and advice in our time of grieving. It's good to know that there are wonderful people to assist at such a hard time in life. From the handling of the viewing to the hearse at the Church to the cemetery, everything exceeded our expectations. There wasn't a thing we would have changed. We are forever grateful to you.

The family of George Mulkey
August 16, 2015

When you lose such an important part of your family, it's never easy. Bill Harris and all the staff made everything so easy. It gave us very little to worry about and even less to plan out because they did it all for us. The vehicles were all beautiful and the funeral home was just very peaceful and wonderful. Our Dad looked so terrific. If this had to happen, it couldn't have been handled by a better group of people. We now know that this is definitely our families place to go. Bill also helped us get hotel rooms when they were all booked up! So appreciated AND respected for the great job!!

The family of George Mulkey
August 15, 2015

My father pre-arranged everything and then we did the same for my mother.  She was unable to do her own.  The feelings I faced when my father passed away were intense; having everything done the way he wanted it beforehand, took such a weight off, I could concentrate on myself, husband, and children without questioning any decision.  When it is God's time to take my mother, I will not have to worry about a thing.    Mr. Harris was excellent in directing us on every detail.  I can't say enough about them, very compassionate, their concern for each of us during the viewing and funeral was evident, very professional.


Bill - we would like to thank you and you staff for your compassion in handling all the details of my Dad's passing.  Your concern for our family was greatly appreciated.  My Dad looked like my Dad - finally.  That is the image that will stay with me.  Thank you for your friendship and for personally meeting our needs.

Our Dad was so very ill the last few months of his life, lost so much weight that he did not look like himself anymore. What we saw when we viewed him, was our Dad. Bill Harris and his team did such a wonderful job on Dad and that is the needed picture we have in our minds forever. Bill treated us like family and could not do enough for us as a family when we needed him the most.Thank you for making those difficult days easier. God bless you!

Rebecca Prough

Bill Harris and his staff have given great comfort to me and my family by providing excellent service on all too many occasions.

His is a calling.  Not only did he meet our needs, he anticipate our needs. Whether it was prearranged or sudden arrangements, Bill was there for us. I appreciate all and everything that Harris Funeral Home has done for my family.

Thank you, Bill, for all that you do and know that you are loved, appreciated and prayed for.

Jackie Weaver Di Guiseppe

Jackie DiGuiseppe

Harris Funeral Home did a great job of giving Dad an honorable send-off. I appreciated Bill Harris's personal attention. I couldn't ask for better. Good job and well done! Thank You!

Steve D. Vella

The appearance of our father exceeded our expectations. This provided comfort at the viewing.

Mrs. Marian Boyle

The staff was excellent-they helped with anything -  they made this hard time a lot easier on our family.

I just wanted to tell you how stunned I was yesterday. I attended the funeral for Jim Whitney here in Pittsburgh, where his wife, Patti, secured the use of your Tombstone Hearse for him. We were all in total awe and amazement. Not only did I have no idea this even existed, but for your funeral home to make it available to someone all the way in Pittsburgh speaks volumes. There is much to be said about your care, concern, generosity, flexibility and selflessness.

There are no limits or lengths that Patti wouldn't go to for Jim, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring her request, and honoring Jim. Thank you also to the driver of the carriage, for everything, and especially for presenting Patti with the spur. She is a very sentimental person, and I know she will keep that near and dear. She clung onto it throughout the entire service yesterday.

Jim was an absolutely wonderful man. I don't know of anybody who has ever said even one negative thing about him, nor do I know of anybody who didn't like him. There wasn't a dry eye to be found, not even among the grown men. I can't think of anyone else who could have deserved that ride more than he did. When my family lost our home years back, we all had to split up, and he took me in as part of his family for almost three years. He taught me everything I know about cars and bikes. He always told me, "Girls need to know how to fix this stuff, too!" My father passed away when I was little and Jim filled that void.

I can't think of a more appropriate "last ride" than the one he had yesterday. Thank you so, so, much, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you did and the lenghths you went to to make it all happen. God Bless you all.

Amy J. Bobuk
UPMC Mercy

Everything about this service was perfect from the time they picked up the body until the very last, and later. There is nothing I would want to change. Everyone thought the services(the little things like passing out water to the people standing in line) was great. Friends and relatives of ours changed and cancelled their previous plans at other facilities to come to Harris when needed.

Thank you.
Paul Singer


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